Annuity Information

Risks Associated with Retirement

Longevity Risk = Outliving your assets and savings. Fear of running out of money. Unknown longevity.

Healthcare/ Long Term Care Risk = Skyrocketing medical costs make up almost 2/3 of bankruptcies in the United States.

Disability Risk = Work place injuries, age related diseases, impairments, functional limitations, poor coping strategies, sedentary lifestyle.

Reduced Earnings Capacity = Loss of economic horizon

Compounding Inflation = Interest on interest

Declining Cognitive Capabilities/ Frailty Risk = Weakening of the mind and body increase the risk of disease and infection.

Death of Spouse = Widow’s Penalty

Underfunded Pension Risk = Pension liabilities exceed the assets a company has to cover those payouts.

Cyber Risk/ Elder Financial Abuse Risk = Financial loss from being hacked.

Government/ Public Policy/ Tax Change Risk = Federal, State and local governments can change laws at any time.

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