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Fixed Indexed Annuity

Planning for retirement is vital but can be complicated, intimidating while market uncertainty and the volatility of unpredictable losses with money you cannot afford to lose at this point in your life may cause anxiety and uneasiness. Your retirement is not a task you complete once and cross off the to-do list, it’s a well-deserved stage of your life that you’ve been looking forward to and preparing for throughout your working years. Do you know what your savings and investments will translate to in retirement income? How are your accounts performing are you receiving the maximum possible benefit? What is an amount you think would allow you to live comfortably throughout the course/ remainder ⛡️ of your retirement? How would you live differently if your predictable income covered all of your essential living expenses and then some? Retirement should be a time for you to reap the benefits of your lifelong efforts and we can structure the perfect contract just for you. At Khatter Financial 🦚 we know retirement isn’t an ending – it’s a beginning, a new chapter πŸ“™ for you to live out the future you have always envisioned.

With access to all the top-rated annuity companies we work with clients across the nation to find the best plans available.

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Annuities are customizable to fit your retirement goals and needs. = Lifetime Income Calculator. Contact us for assistance. = Texas Annuity Purchaser’s Guide. Contact us if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance. = We can setup an employer-sponsored retirement plan (401k) for your business. Contact us for assistance.,or%20any%20other%20third%20party. = You need a Will as it’s an essential estate planning document. Contact us for assistance. = Please finish this assessment and we can make a suitable recommendation and build you an insurance/ annuity profile. In less than 15 minutes of your time we can get you a better rate, plan and more coverage.

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