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Why Choose Khatter Financial?

Insurance and Registered Investment Advisor/ Broker with a combined more than 50 years track record of creating insurance, retirement, investment and indexing ♟️ strategies that are disciplined, compliant and based upon the needs of the client.

  • You want to provide a meaningful and lasting legacy not just a memory
  • Help loved ones with daily expenses and financially support your families well-being 
  • Plan 📜 your retirement with the flexibility to make changes as economic conditions or your life evolves     
  • Build and efficiently manage your wealth  
  • Customize your indexing option 
  • Tailored financial advice as your life progresses, priorities change, navigating your retirement path, preparing for today’s key retirement challenges and every stage of life 
  • Find the appropriate financial product and then design your own unique portfolio based upon investment selections that fit your personal style or 👇
  • Choose an engineered strategy from professionally recognized money managers 
  • Reduce your current years’ taxable income and receive a rate of return on money you would otherwise pay in tax 
  • Draw guaranteed and predictable income, create a lifetime check that is right for you 

Retirement can be challenging and many factors including increasing life expectancy each year (longer retirement), inflation, rising 👆 interest rates, cost of living and taxation, higher than expected medical costs 🏥 🚑, family expenses, senior living, health issues and being able to pay for healthcare, saving enough money during your working years and maintaining an adequate income stream to be able to cover all of your essential living expenses and then some are all hazards ⚠️🚨⛑️ that can potentially affect a smooth transition into and throughout the course/ remainder ⛵️ of your retirement.

⚰️ Funerals can be expensive. Depending on your needs, expenses can range from $5000 for a cremation to upwards of $10,000 to $15,000 for a proper burial service and can be even higher for the military 🪖🎖️ and veterans. The last thing you want to do is to be underinsured, leaving your family, loved ones and beneficiaries to worry about funeral costs and end of life expenses during a time of need as the event of a death and loss of a life is an emotionally and financially painful experience and can be one of life’s hardest setbacks.

What makes Khatter Financial better than everyone else?

We take the complexity out of and offer transparent, unbiased insurance, investment and retirement income planning, advice and information as well as life insurance and annuity quotes, illustrations and proposals.

Fixed indexed annuities are not securities and your money is never invested directly into the market but you can still leverage the potential of the market and economies of scale with no exposure risks associated with equity (stock or bond) ownership. Annuities protect your savings and retirement money from loss of principal, inflation, the effects of unpredictable market fluctuation, turbulence and steep downturns, living too long and can provide income that will last a lifetime, further grow your retirement nest egg 🪺, will also offer guaranteed interest rate growth and even defer paying taxes while mitigating the implications of taxation to help maximize earnings and simplify end of year reporting. Unlike many other retirement accounts such as 401k’s and IRA’s there is no annual contribution limit which allows you to put more money away and is particularly useful as you get closer to retirement age and need to catch up, and annuities serve to complement other retirement income sources in your portfolio such as Social Security, employer-sponsored, pension plans and other individual accounts. Everyone agrees that retirement today requires more planning than ever before and it’s a big step that you have spent your entire career saving for. Americans are living longer, the average retiree turning 65-years old today is expected to fund more than 2 decades (At least 20 years) of retirement, the responsibility of funding retirement now shifts to the individual, fewer workers are covered by plan sponsors and traditional pensions that guarantee a retirement income for life, and Social Security and defined benefits plans likely won’t provide the same level of benefits in the future as it did in the past or today and this is where annuities can fill in the gap.

Burial 🪦 insurance offers protection from the high costs of funerals, cremations and burials. Our plans cover everything related to your funeral, from the casket, cemetery, plot and the funeral home. These plans are a relatively low-cost permanent whole life insurance with a tax-free death benefit that will provide all of the money needed to pay for your funeral and burial.

Our processes are easy to get a plan that will financially protect most importantly you but also your assets, family, loved ones, beneficiaries and your business. Please complete the request quotes or contact us form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. Everything can be completed over the phone 📱📞, through a Zoom video meeting or in person by appointment 🧑🏾‍💻. We treat every client and business like a family member and not just another number or a sales quota. You will never be on hold for any extended period of time or have to deal with any automated customer service robots 🤖 .

Once the plan is in place you can finally have peace of mind knowing that your retirement and funeral costs are covered and you will never have to worry about any unexpected financial burden or running out of your own money and whatever is left over you can leave behind for your family, loved ♥️ ones and beneficiaries. All our carriers are well established and hold at least an A rating with the AM Best for financial strength and claims paying abilities so you can rest assured that we will still be around and financially sound especially during the payout phase. Our primary responsibility as advisors is to make sure when something does happen that the check gets sent out right away without any complications.

Unlike many other insurance products, you cannot be denied coverage because of health reasons and in many cases you do not need a medical exam. Most of our clients are between 40 and 90 but we can serve any age and there are a multitude of options available for your specific needs and situation and we will work with underwriting to get you the best rating class possible. Life insurance is designed to cover death 💀 from natural or accidental causes and all our plans are regulated by the state department of insurance and FINRA.

Life insurance proceeds are 100% tax free money to leave behind for your family, loved ones, charity, trust, estate, organization or beneficiary of your choice. It can also help solve small business needs including financing a business, keeping it running like a well-oiled machine and add an even greater degree of valuation when you are ready for succession or exit. Life insurance could also be used to pay your remaining mortgage balance, getting married 💒, becoming a parent 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and future education 📚🎓 expenses for your children, medical or hospital bills and any remaining debts, probate or legal fees, offset estate taxes on death, protecting assets and inheritances, end of life commitments and even the little costs like obituary, flowers 💐, guest book 📖 and urn ⚱️.

Lastly life insurance can supplement loss of income, immediate needs and ongoing obligations, cash flow or replacing some of the money for dependent members following the death of a wage earner that you would have provided during your prime working, earning and career advancement years, can help fill any financial gaps, cover the death or disability of a critically essential employee, owner, partner, top performer, administrator, executive, shareholder or board of directors whose untimely demise ☠️ and cost💲of replacement will be a financial burden to the business and its revenues thus creating either lump sum cash or continued periodic income payments for beneficiaries, survivors, daily living expenses and retirement assistance.

Life changes and circumstances may prompt you to re-evaluate your life insurance needs so please contact us for a review. 800-975-2863

Compare Life Insurance, IRA & Annuity Options.

Now allow us an opportunity to earn your business 🤝 and let’s get this taken care of while you are still thinking about it as life can change in an instant and this is an important step in one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make so let’s have a conversation and work ✍️ on some quotes together. 🫵

Life & Annuity, Retirement, Indexing and Inheritance Solutions. 

We provide solutions to financially protect most importantly you but also your assets, family, loved ones, beneficiaries and your business from financial resiliency, hardship and loss, sustaining income, spending through family inheritance and outliving your own resources during retirement.

Our insurance, annuities, retirement income planning, indexing and wealth transfer solutions are customized for each client, family and business to ensure that you receive the maximum possible benefit.